We are a group of strong, committed and loyal dog lovers who rescue dogs and cats in honor of Shirley Burroughs.

We are a non-profit, 501(c) 3 animal rescue. While our primary passion is boxers, we rescue any dog or cat that needs us. We believe that all animals’ hearts beat the same, regardless of the breed. We are 100% run by volunteers and all money donated to our organization goes directly to the care of the dogs and cats that we rescue.

Based in Winchester, VA, we have foster homes in Stephens City and Fredericksburg, VA – Laurel and Baltimore, MD – Capon Bridge and Romney, WV.

All donations to Shirley’s Angels Boxer Rescue are tax-deductible.   We can provide a donation receipt if requested within 30 days of the donation.

Nomi Needs a Prosthetic

Nomi was born with a disability, but she’s working her hardest not to let it get her down! We are working our hardest to get her a prosthetic so she won’t have to work any harder.


Please consider purchasing something from our Amazon wishlist to help our foster animals. Right now the items we need the most are kitten food and adult dog food.

Amazon Wishlist