Adoption Fees

The adoption fee helps to cover the medical treatment needed by each animal while they are in our care. This includes, but is not limited to: wellness check-ups, de-worming, vaccinations, testing for heart worms (dogs), testing for FELV/FIV (cats), flea/tick prevention, etc.

  • Dogs/Puppies (6 months or older, spayed/neutered): $250
  • Puppies (younger than 6 months, *not old enough to be spayed/neutered): $175
  • Senior dogs (over 6 years old): $150
  • Cats/Kittens (6 months or older, spayed/neutered): $100
  • Kittens (younger than 6 months, *not old enough to be spayed/neutered): $75

* Upon adoption, you will be signing a contract committing to spay/neuter your adopted animal by the time they are 6 months old. You must provide proof of spay/neuter from your veterinarian within 90 days of adoption. Failure to do so is considered a breach of contract and Shirley’s Angels Boxer Rescue reserves the right to confiscate the¬†animal and void the adoption without¬† a refund.