Shirley’s Angels Boxer Rescue is proud to announce that we are an approved 501(c)3 non-profit rescue. All donations are tax-deductible! All money donated is used directly for the care of our rescued animals.


You can send money directly to SABR through our PayPal account:


Please email us at is you would like to mail us a check directly.

Purina One Weight Circles

If you feed your pets Purina One food (dog or cat) or use Fresh Step cat litter, please save the “weight circles” and “paw points” on the side of the bags/boxes and mail them to us at the below address. SABR collects them and can redeem them for a veterinary care voucher to help pay the vet bills for our rescued animals. Please note that we do not need the bar codes, just the “weight circles” and “paw points”.
Please email us at is you would like to mail us “weight circles” and “paw points”.

Wish List (SABR can always use donations of the below items)

• Purina One Smart Blend Healthy Puppy Food
• Purina One Indoor Advantage Cat Food
• Purina One Dog Food
• Clorox or Lysol Wipes
• Paper Towels
• Puppy Training Pads
• Antler Dog Chews (medium or large)
• Kong Toys
• Nylabone Chew Toys
• Peanut Butter
• Lupine Martingale combo collars for large dogs
• Busy Bones
• Towels and blankets in good condition