Will you take an animal that I can no longer care for?

Unfortunately, we are completely full at this moment and have halted intake. If you wish for us to courtesy post for you, we can do so, however we do not have any open space at this time.

Where can I apply to adopt one of your animals?

Our application can be found on our website: shirleysboxers.org/adoption-application/

Where are you located?

We are based in Winchester, VA and have foster homes in Fredericksburg, VA – Laurel, MD – Baltimore, MD – Capon Bridge, WV – Romney, WV. We do NOT have a facility. All animals are in foster homes.

Can I visit the animal?

Due to not having a facility, all our animals are in the personal homes of volunteers. We require an application to be filled out and approved before we arrange a time for you to meet up with an animal. You can find our application here: shirleysboxers.org/adoption-application/

How long does it take to process applications?

Our applications are processed by volunteers so it may take, at most, a week to process your application.

Will I hear back if my application is rejected?

Due to the sheer volume of applications we receive, we may not reach out to an individual if their application is rejected.


What is your adoption process?

You can view our adoption process on our website: shirleysboxers.org/adoption-process/

What are your adoption fees?

You can view our adoption fees on our website: shirleysboxers.org/adoption-fees/