Meet Stella, she is approximately 2 years old, and appears to be a pitbull/ boxer mix. She loves people, may not be ideal around small children only because she gets a little excited and may knock them down. She is great with other dogs, doing well with potty training, getting better on a leash, but still needs work with it. She is a chewer, so will need lots of toys, and your shoes will definitely need to be kept out of her reach,because for some reason she has a grudge against them. ┬áStella loves to cuddle, and hates to be alone. We do keep her in a crate when we’re not home and at night time, for her own safety only because of her need to chew everything. Stella has been spayed, is up-to-date on her shots, is heartworm negative, and is on a preventative, and is on flea and tick preventative. When she came to us you could count every rib, she was very timid, flea infested, and food aggressive. The vet said she’s at a perfect weight now, no more fleas, and the food aggressiveness is no more. With the exception that I have never had her around real small children I can’t honestly say how she would be around them. She still needs work with some of her bad habits, but has came along way.

Stella - Dog, Female, Pitbull/Boxer Mix